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The Point of Sale niche market is booming . The last bastion of un-automated businesses have finally realized that they must automate in order to stay competitive. Computer resellers watching market shares and margins erode to mass merchandisers can find an oasis in the market drought by refocusing their direction towards the automation of small businesses.

Independent Retailers Are Here to Stay

The new millennium is here and, we find technology has entered nearly every facet of our lives. Be it at work, at play or in our own homes, no aspect of our lives remains untouched by the technological advances of the computer age. Computers have become so tightly entwined in the fabric of our lives that we would be at a loss to function without them.. Indeed, in the fiercely competitive world of big business today, to be out-of-date is to be out of business. This is evident in the astonishing rate at which the face of commerce has changed in the past decade. The Internet has taken the country by storm. Were one to digest a steady stream of media advertisement one might think one need never leave one's home again. For those armed with a credit card and an Internet connection very few of life's necessities or incidentals are beyond a point and click away. The neo-futuristic world of the Jetsons seems less and less far-fetched.

Unfortunately the computers of the real world today lack the charisma of the robots of the Jetson household. Therein lies the catch-22 of the information age. The more rare human interaction becomes, the more allure its touch holds. While one might order online a rare vintage of wine from Italy, a choice cut of beef from Texas and the finest linen tablecloth from Ireland, few would prefer receiving these packages via Fed-ex to the experience of dining at a cozy local bistro.

Likewise while telephone banking can indeed be convenient, anyone who has ever been lost in an automated telephone maze will be quick to extol the benefits of a live human voice on the other end of the receiver. While big business mega stores and e-commerce can attend to many of the needs of today's society, they cannot replace the small, independent business in delivering the human touch to commerce. Although retailers will always be the low tech of high tech, their needs and wants are quickly catching up with rest of the business world.

The Benefits of Computerization

While small businesses find their niche by providing personality and uniqueness of shopping experience that mega-stores cannot provide, they cannot afford to be left behind in technology. Customers may like human contact and assistance while shopping but they also want to be rung up in a timely, efficient manner. Quick check-out is just the tip of the iceberg in computer automation. The real advantage to automation is in the money it can make and save the small business owner. With inventory tracking the business owner can promptly catch shrinkage and theft and take action to remedy it. Inventory tracking can also help streamline the stocking and reordering process, by eliminating slow-moving items and increasing the turn-over rate of stock. For example if a boutique owner has cardigans in blue and gray and only gray is selling he/she will be able to find this out before costly overstocking mistakes. Tight control on inventory can also reduce lost or mishandled inventory, and time the delivery of new stock. A POS system can also increase sales by maintaining a customer database detailing who the customers are and what they buy to personalize service and provide a mailing list for direct mailing. Sales can also be increased by built in sales prompts which remind sales associates to ask for the purchase of add-on items (would you like fries with thatů). Prompt accurate statements track profit and help to make a sales plan. Specialized modules can also track rental items, payroll and time cards, track employee productivity and even do accounting. With so much competition for the consumer's dollar independent retailers need to be mean, lean merchandising machines. The small business can not afford not to be automated, especially when the utilization of a POS system can increase yearly profits up to ten percent. A brief outline follows:

The Correct Hardware for the Application

A Faster PC looked at the major computer players in the early days of computers - giants in the market like Digital Equipment, Wang Computers and IBM. POS recognized that what made people like these companies was the fact that when they sold a computer system to a corporate buyer they didn't just sell hardware and software they sold computerization as an integral function. What they did in the early days brings us to a place where we also realize that small business grows and the POS terminals in the earlier and up to recent days have been difficult to upgrade, as well as repair. The cost for a typical On-site repair for an IBM technician is upwards of $500 even with a support contract. That would be why we partner with Bluestar, one of the industries top 3 wholesale and service providers. Ask the POS manager, Jay Lamson, at A Faster PC for more details.

The Proper Software for the Job

A Faster PC analyzed further, and determined that when a computer system was sold to a corporate buyer the sale did not end with the installation of the equipment, but included the installation of the entire array of software to perform the job required. There are two kinds of business's out there. The kind that will only sell you their POS software, and the kind that will find the complementary software for your business. We have an array of software for any kind of business.

Data Entry Service

Now, with the hardware and software in place, the computer company sent in crews of people to enter data for the customer. The data was often extensive from customer lists, to inventory counts to vendor relationships. We offer data entry for your business at reasonable pricing.

On-site Training or Tutorial

Still, although the data was properly entered into the system, the job was not done. To continue, the companies sent in "trainers" to instruct personnel on using the new computer system. The training was designed to obtain maximum efficiency for the corporation.

Phone Support

After the trainers left, the computer companies provided on-going telephone support to assist personnel with the numerous questions that arise with the on-going use of computers.

Hardware Service

Sometimes, and for whatever reasons, computer systems fail or malfunction. In these events, the corporate buyer must rely on the timely and capable services of the computer company to correct the problem. Computer companies of the early days realized that the on-going repair and service for hardware failures was essential to providing customer service. We offer our services with available 1 to 3 year on-site warranties, as well as Bluestars 24/7/356 phone support, and next day morning Fed-ex delivery on all hardware. They are e-mailed by Fed-ex upon the delivery and with in two hours Bluestar will call to walk you through the installation. All Bluestar Modular Retail Terminal's ( MRT's ) are tool free and technician free. Thus saving you costly onsite fees. With the industries only flip top MRT anyone can repair any situation. The MRT also has multiple locks and end of day reporting to the receipt printer providing added security and peace of mind.


Lastly, A Faster PC observed that computers required a continuos flow of supplies for operation: paper, ribbons or cartridges, diskettes and the like. We will help track your consumables to better your time with drop shipping.

Providing Exceptional Service

As a worldwide company, based in Port St Lucie Florida, A Faster PC cannot provide on its own the " Seven Essentials ". For this reason, in 1999, we have partnered with companies like Bluestar Inc., AMD, and Canon to better serve your needs. For all local residents we also have established a referral base with many of our specialty business's in this area.

POS resellers provide small businesses with what modern small businesses provide the community, service that blends the human touch with modern efficiency.

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