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        Founded in 1996, A Faster PC® has quickly become a leader in providing high quality, affordable computer systems, components, upgrades, and networks. A Faster PC®provides prices that are competitive with superstores and national mail order catalogues. In addition we provide the quality, performance, service, and support that the superstores and mail order companies can't. This, combined with the quality components we use, makes A Faster PC® a wise choice for all your computer needs.
        A Faster PC® offers Affordable Internet Systems, Faster Internet Systems, and Fastest Internet Systems. All three are backed with a No-Hassles Warranty covering parts and labor. Affordable Internet Systems provide quick technology and Internet access at an affordable price. Faster Internet Systems include a 3 year No-Hassles Warranty and a comprehensive software suite. To meet the demands of today's popular games and business applications, Fastest Internet Systems add blazing speed to power you to the next level of computing.
        In addition to building new systems, A Faster PC® sells competitively priced, quality computer components to the public. Do it yourself computer users can find everything needed to upgrade or build their own computer.
        For those who aren't comfortable doing the work themselves, A Faster PC® provides expert, upgrade service. We can open your computer up, let you know what's inside, and give you a list of upgrade options and prices. Sales manager, Bryan Longworth says, "The great thing about upgrading is that you don't have to do everything at once. We can work within your budget to take you where you want to go."
        For business users, A Faster PC® can help increase productivity and communication by networking computers. Whether you need a Windows 95 pier-to-pier network or a Windows NT server-workstation network, A Faster PC® can provide a network solution for you.
        A Faster PC provides Service and Repair both in store and Onsite. With rapid responce time, we can minimize costly downtime and have you going full speed ahead.
        What ever your computing needs, A Faster PC® has a solution for you, at a price you can afford.
        A Faster PC® dares you to compare.

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